Birthday Lovin' Part Deux

DD's Birthday Present: The Best Ever

What: Steelers Game, DD's first one in the new Heinz Field
When: December 24th 1 pm
Who: Stillers vs. Ravens

Details: Tickets bought on Ebay, nose bleed seats behind the team. Not a bad seat in the house. Price included parking pass in the A #1 lot at the field. Schweet.

Other particulars:

  • Stillers play just a little bit better than the Browns usually do, but lose the game.
  • I cheered like a total lunatic for Ben. Even cheered for the Stillers a bit. Mostly because I hate the Ravens.
  • Were able to buy Penn Pilsner or Yuengling on tap at the bottom of the shoot to our section.
  • If I decide to buy additional Stillers tickets next season, the thrill will not get old.

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