Birthday Lovin' Part Deux

DD's Birthday Present: The Best Ever

What: Steelers Game, DD's first one in the new Heinz Field
When: December 24th 1 pm
Who: Stillers vs. Ravens

Details: Tickets bought on Ebay, nose bleed seats behind the team. Not a bad seat in the house. Price included parking pass in the A #1 lot at the field. Schweet.

Other particulars:

  • Stillers play just a little bit better than the Browns usually do, but lose the game.
  • I cheered like a total lunatic for Ben. Even cheered for the Stillers a bit. Mostly because I hate the Ravens.
  • Were able to buy Penn Pilsner or Yuengling on tap at the bottom of the shoot to our section.
  • If I decide to buy additional Stillers tickets next season, the thrill will not get old.


full of Christmassy Goodness

err... due to technical difficulties beyond our control, hellpellet is unable to broadcast in the proper "politically correct" fashion today.

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it's Christmas. What? A Christmas Tree? Christmas Presents? Christmas Cookies? Christmas Cards? Christmas Carols?

Nope, no "holidays" here. No holiday tree, no holiday vacation. Christmas. Santa Claus. Away in a Manger. All that Christmassy Goodness.

Why the rant? I got my first E-card today that didn't even stoop to a "Happy Holidays" or even "Seasons Greetings". It said "Have a great Winter Season!"

Even worse, it came from someone in California, where it is usually never winter. Or at least it's not a real winter. Is the "Winter Season Card" person taunting us for having winter in the Midwest? Or are they just dropping the PC Christmas handle of the year on us? Is it a holiday tree? Or is it just a Winter Tree?

Maybe we should just stick with the tried and true complete scouring and bleaching of any holiday or celebration: Festivus.

Happy Frickin' Festivus!!

I'm down with that. How 'bout you?

Small print: No animals, Santa Clauses or elves or even Babes in a Manger were harmed in the posting of this blog. Only recycled materials were used in the manufacture and mailing of this Season's Holiday Cards.


Some Birthday Lovin'

DD's birthday is Dec. 20th. I know he hates that it is so close to Christmas. He got his first Birthday/Christmas card today. He cringed.

I am really excited about what I got him for his birthday. So excited in fact that I am ready to give him his gift today.

I'll wait though. And will let you know how it goes and if he really likes his gift.


consumed by the evil blog

Struck by what my husband uttered today, I have fianlly decided to post. He said, and I quote, "Sometimes I find myself getting sucked in to some inane topic on the internet. I stop myself and wonder why I am wasting my time. Why am I not creating something of my own?"

Point well taken.

This past month is a combination of slogging thru work tasks, selling stuff and consuming a bunch of crap from the internet. Or as I've heard it called, "the inner nets". Nope, the crap of which I speak doesn't include the latest updates from my blog pals. John or Jill or Mrs. Kennedy. Yeah, you'd think I am personal friends with these people. How about Penny Pressed? Or Wendy McClure. Big Johnny at DrunkCyclist? Nope, I just lurk at their blogs. Occasionally I'll comment. I also surf people I actually know: Uncle Crappy and... Umm, well, you know, people I actually know, umm, they are....

OK, OK, I don't really know any of the people I read except Uncle Crappy.

The crap of which I speak is those crazy celebrity blogs. Yep. I can't get enough of Lindsey Lohan, Matthew McConnaughey and Kate Moss and her horrible crack head, smack head BF. I thought I was even ready for a Britney Spears come back. But in 10 short days I've already seen more, much more of Brit Brit than I ever needed or wanted. No come back for you, Brit. Sorry, girlfriend.

Another dirty little secret of mine. I have a really stupid, unfulfilling MySpace page. What is that you say? A MySpace page? What? Is hellpellet 25 and trolling for some internet strange?
Nope. I'm not. Ask Uncle Crappy. (he's perhaps my only internet friend who can truly vouch for me) I am a leetle bit older than 25 and am not trolling for any kind of weird internet "social" activities.

Why MySpace? I thought it would be fun. It is really just pretty lame. See note at Fashionable Chaos. I am totally on board with Penny's comments. Look at me referencing my "friend" at her blog. I have totally lost my mind.

I troll MySpace looking at horrible spelling errors, stupid animated gif's, and listening to music.

Wait! Listening to music? That's something worthwhile. Yep, that's exactly what I do on MySpace. That's all I ever do there. That explains it perfectly.