Working for the Man, again

Apparently, many people in the Greater Cleveland area started new jobs this past monday. Me too! Even though I now have a home office, and my boss resides two states and one time zone away and I can plan my own day, I still apparently have to work. At least a little bit. Oh yeah, even though I am excited about my new job and learning new things, it's still a brand new job. That means its all new, new politics, new people, new lingo and yikes, new responsibilities. I tend to work pretty hard at a job, new or not. I take pride in "a job well done" mostly for the sake of doing a good job. I also find that I need to be a "good girl" I want to be the "go to" girl. I want my boss to like me, I want my coworkers to like me, confide in me and ask advice of me.

You know, "I'm a good person and godammit, people like me"

There's one for you, nineteen for me

Wow! What a week. While perusing some of my fave blogs, I realize other people have had very similar experiences and similar reactions, too.

Yes, it's tax time. I agree with John, Uncle Sam takes away on a bi-weekly basis. At tax time, we tell him what a.) we made and b.) he took. If we're lucky, he gives some of it back. If I had to pay him once a year, I would be far less happy with the amount he takes. I'm not, by the way, happy with what he takes now. When he takes a little at a time, in comparison, we are less likely to notice how much he's in our pockets.

A few years ago, I found myself "underemployed". That is to say I had a job, but my responsibilities and therefore, my pay, was substandard. I cut way back on all of my paycheck deductions so I had ready cash. I needed every cent I earned to run my household and feed myself and family. I risked an "accounting roll of the dice". How much would U. Sam take, how much of my pittance would I owe? I guestimated pretty well. I owed the Great State of Ohio 24 bucks and Uncle Sammy owed me 32 bucks. I happily paid Ohio and paid HR Block online my fee. (My fee could be deducted in the following year!)

So, the game continues. Roll the dice, fiddle with deductions and hope you don't have to pay a lot and all at once on April 15th. Roll the dice and figure what it takes to not get a huge tax return. What, no return? Why give Uncle Sam the money? He's not giving you interest on the loan.

Today's rant sponsored by concerned citizens


I'm right, just ask weather.com


Such a weather idiot, I am. Well, my dearest wish, barring "Multi-Millionardom", I'd be on the Weather Channel. Yeah, you me and Homer Sease. Yeah, really, that's his name. At least, in the morning.

Really, I'd love to be Jim Cantore. All Italian and bald headed. Really, I'm assuming "The Italian Part". He's hot. And bald. And covering the hot, on the spot, national weather "things." Love that man!

Anyway, I guess I missed out on the "I'm going to college/meteorological/weather thing". I guess, I didn't know that it was so exciting. I wish I didn't miss on the whole thing. Or did I?
Let me know.

Can I still go to the "Ball"?

Is there a "Ball"? or was it Katrina?

Oh, BTW, best wishes to all you "Weather Watchers".
You make the world spin!


Was Punxy right?

I know Mother Nature is kidding right now. It's been sunny or partly sunny and a little rainy for the last several days. Oh, did I mention it was in the 60's on Thursday and the low 70's on Friday?

To the uninitiated, it would seem spring is finally here. It is spring in nice, more southern places like Cincinnati or Dayton. But if you live on the North Coast of the U.S. don't be fooled. It's not here just yet. Old man winter is still cranking in Canada and we're not far from there. Oh, did I mention that the average water temperature today on Lake Erie is 34 degrees. That's not helping "spring" at all.

So, I'm enjoying it while I can. Yard work, outdoor projects...I'm all about it. I'll even take out the garbage...as long as it's not snowing or sleeting.