Hello Coach Troy!!

After multiple weeks of inactivity, it's time to get back on the bike. Yep. I mean it this time!

DD and I went to the Cuyahoga Valley Loop yesterday morning to run SAG for the TNT Lake Tahoe team. We finally reached the Valley after a slick, snow covered 45 minute car trip. Our coach was sitting in his warm car wearing jeans and work boots. No ride for the team, no ride for the coach, no SAG for the boopies.

Our partner in TNT crime, Mercedes, was also there, geared up in her running stuff. Who wants to run when it's 22 degrees, windy and snowing sideways? Apparently she did. Lucky for her, we talked her out of it. We greeted several other team members who were crazy enough to show up for the ride...and sent them all home. "Go train inside. Or go take a nap.... " we said.

OK, if it wasn't obvious before, I'll admit, I am no Jill Homer. See her blog. She is a crazy cyclist who loves to ride in horrific conditions. I was pretty sure that DD and I would be training outside this winter but then we foiund the luxury and warmth of doing interval training inside! Yep, climate controlled, no precipitation, no side winds blowing us off the trail.

Don't get me wrong, I am jones-ing to be outside riding. But I am really longing to be outside at a temperature somewhere above freezing. Just call me a candy-ass, because I am.