Just for a few....

I've been helping my Grandmother through a tough transition. She moved into a nursing home in January. I helped her move, liquidate most of her personal belongings and helped her through some complicted financial matters. It's been a long haul physically and emotionally.

I celebrated about 2 weeks ago when I received a letter that her Medicaid had finally been approved. I began applying for Medicaid, which pays the balance of her healthcare, in mid-February. Three months of applying, processing insurance, providing documentation. Three months of working with a government agency was stressful. There was always a threat, however slight, of "your application can be denied". That's what every document I received said.

Today I received a really official looking document that stated Your Medicaid Application XcIMo 19 XGeoKl has been denied.

I muttered to myself, "Wow. I'm pretty sure I got a letter saying the exact opposite thing. Now where is that letter? It was right here..."

A little panic ensued. Just for a few minutes. I dug to find the original letter. I found a bunch of random things. But no letter. Hmmmmph.

Carefull re-read the new letter. It was much more official looking. And a lot of it was in all caps. So, basically the Fed was shouting at me and telling me I'd been denied.

I finally found the original letter. I compared the two. Yes, part of her application had been denied. Both letters confirmed this fact.

Then I turned the new letter over. It continued, in all caps of course, to say that the majority of my application had been approved. It shouted out to me that I'd done a good job and had been approved. All was right with the world.


Jesus Horses and other things

I spent 3 hours with an old friend on Thursday night. We met at Caribou Coffee in Columbus. The one on Lane Ave, right by his house. I could have spent hours longer with him, but we both had places to go. A couple of things really struck me while we talked.

Wow, I thought, we're still friends. We're catching up with each other like time has hardly passed. I didn't doubt our friendship, I just didn't know what kind of turn it would take. The turn it took is great.

We had a blast! He is funny as hell. He told me the "latest" phrase. I'm not sure it's a PC term or maybe a "churchy" term. Doesn't matter, really. It's funny and I like it. The latest term is "jesus horse". Dinosaurs? The new term for them is "jesus horse" Ridiculous and funny all at the same time.

We laughed about politics, the state of things USA. We talked business a while. We "people shopped". We talked social media...me=yay, him=nay. We even had a gossip session about people from 25 years ago.

We caught up just like old friends do. I'm glad we had the chance to get together. I'm glad we caught up. I'm so grateful to still have him as one of my dearest friends. Welcome back, my friend, welcome back.