DD has a birthday tomorrow! Poor guy, he hates his birthday. In 2008 he's actually going to change his birthday and celebrate on June 9th. Get it? 6-9. He was born in 1969 so his birthday will now be 6-9-69

It's kind of silly to be obsessed with a number, isn't it? Well, not really. DD is in a band called drunkdude69. On his website, there is a page devoted to "69 of the Week". Anytime one sees "69" on a package or price tag or restaurant bill it is a sign that the Rock Gods are pleased and want everyone to be happy. It happens all the time if you've trained yourself to watch for it.

Even more apropos, DD69 will soon be releasing their first album in a few short weeks. Really, they mean it this time. They are done and ready to send to press. No shit, dude, they are. More details on this as things unfold.

Above is a receipt from Guitar Center. The Drummer in DD69 purchased some gear. Look at the total....
It's a sign, I'm telling you, it's a sign.


December, part Deux

In my last post, I had mentioned that everthing was a bit "delayed" this Christmas Season. Here's why. Normally in December, my priority is all things Christmas.

This year it's different and lots of fun. In the first week of December, DD and I decided to tear up our old, crappy, stained, impossible to clean carpet. Luckily, the carpet was only in the living room. We moved the books shelves (4) and all of the books into the dining room.

We wanted to get rid of the carpet and we were curious as to what was under the carpet. We have hardwood floors in the rest of the house...and we just wanted to see.

Holy finished oak, Batman! We have luscious hardwood under the carpet. I had always feared that the wood under the carpet was horribly flawed. So in my mind, the cheap, impossible to clean carpet was a cover up for something even more ugly. (this is a theme that has run through our home since I first lived here in 1999)

So, as soon as we realized we were "good to go" DD hauled off and ordered a ginormous area rug for the room. We had stalked this rug since September. I picked it out. DD approved. It's big.

9' 9" x 12' 9"

Why would this take so long and delay normal Christmas decorating, gift buying and cookie baking? Because we sorted all of our books. Yikes.

So after sorting, discarding and sifting, it finally arrived. We rolled it out, placed furniture on it and took a couple of deep breaths. It's beautiful. It's lush. It's the perfect scale, color and pattern. Oh, and It really ties the room together.


I promised Uncle Crappy I'd have a slow work month so I'd be able to post and "catch up"

I probably should have posted all month in November. Work was slow and I had the time to post. Or at least it seems like I did! This month has been busy work-wise. Busy enough that when work is "done" I vegetate on the couch while watching HGTV. That has been my favorite Guilty Pleasure of late.

So, here's to vegetating, reading about 10 books and watching hours on end of Iron Chef and house "fixer-up" shows and not doing anything much for Christmas.

Here's what I've done over the past 24 hours:

  • Bought Christmas Tree

  • Cleaned garage (DD did this, not me)

  • Extricated 15 boxes of Chrismas Decorations from garage attic. Brought them in the house.

  • Installed lights and decorations on the front porch. Everyone on our block thinks we've converted to Jehovah's Witnesses. I did this during the teeth of the Blizzard yesterday for added style points.

  • Put up tree, installed lights and ornaments

  • Listened to Nat King Cole and Wynton Marsalis Christmas music (prerequisite for trimming the tree)

  • Purchased food gift baskets for my boss and co-workers in our Arizona office (late? maybe a bit)

Today the goal is to clean the dining room and decorate in there. I'm usually Johnny on the Spot at Christmas but everything is a bit delayed this year. Well, it will get done. It always does!!