Happy Monday!

Who knew that Pittsburgh is a cool, interesting and engaging city? I just spent a long weekend there & it was really a lot of fun! Good brew pubs, good food, fun shops....

The Andy Warhol Museum is stellar! I'm not sure I expected such a large museum. All of it was very nicely done. I was surprised at how large some if the Warhol's actually are. The "Elvis" with the gun was about 25 feet long, maybe longer! I even got to see a great series of the classic "Campbell's Soup" screens.

And, to top it off, Pittsburgh has a decent sized downtown area. Wow! Beautiful bridges, great stadiums and really impressive architecture. The William Penn Hotel is lovely.....go to Hotwire to get a great deal.

So, here's to friends, family and more long weekends investigating the sights in PGH.


for once I'm speechless

We'll see how this goes. I've never been good at keeping a journal. I'll get into the reasons later....maybe.

Why a blog? Why wouldn't I?