the results are in....

left to right, "bad knee", normal knee

Notice the slight scarring on the right knee. Now I have a matched set! Results not typical, 12oo calorie daily diet and moderate exercise must be incorporated to see similar results.
  • Liberal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, 75 cents
  • One quarter tube polysporin, $1.25
  • One container Nuprin medicated pain patches, $6.69
Two trips to the chiropractor: Priceless!

It's all good now. I even swept out the cobwebs and spooks last night with a ten mile ride. And I did a big old hill. Gotta get right back in the saddle or you never will!

(this is nothing compared to Big Jonny from on drunk cyclist, I am just a dumb ass. http://www.drunkcyclist.com see post on August 7 and August 9th 2006 for the details.
Makes me sound like a real whiner....)

bit it

Here is one of the final products of our ride on Saturday. It was a 50-miler that almost killed both of us.

The ride is pretty scenic, rolling through country estates, big horse farms and even past an alpaca farm and a poodle kennel. What do you get when you breed a poodle and an alpaca? DD says it's a Poodl-Aca. I call it a Poodl-Paca.

After our last sanctioned stop to get water and more calories, we headed up a pretty wicked country road type hill. Five of us were all in a little line about 25 feet apart. I was last, Nicole was next, then Debbie. The hill was short but pretty steep. I ground it out as long as I could, unhooked my right foot and put it on the ground. Feeling pretty defeated, I looked ahead and saw Nicole and Debbie do the exact same thing. We all finished that hill by walking our bikes!

Now we've moved on to the really fun stuff. Another country road type hill, this time it has lots of tar and gravel mixed with tar. I am one gear from the Granniest of all Granny Gears. I'm moving along pretty slowly now....need to shift down one more.....I do so. Something gets jammed or stops and I flop to my right, still attached to my clipless pedals. I have unceremoniously dumped myself into the country ditch. The Ditch full of cinders, gravel and weeds. Many of those cinders wound up in my knee.

Somehow I found this funny. I started to cackle and then went on to a full belly laugh. You gotta love going "yard sale" when you really have no control over it. DD was 25 yards ahead and thought I was crying or sobbing. I quickly had to yell that I was ok, so he didn't have a heart attack.

I cleaned up and hopped back on my bike.

Next hill. Oohhh, this one was bad. I made it about a third of the way up. Well, a third of the part that I could see. It disappeared into the trees after a couple hundred feet. Little did any of us know it would be several hills, all up, all steep for what seemed like miles. It was probably only a mile...

I finally had to stop and rest. I waited for DD to catch up. We took off together. I clipped in on my right foot, couldn't clip in on my left to get myself going and fell into the ditch again. This time it was a deep ditch, so I fell on my side and then rolled over and pogo'd on my head. My free foot was up in the air tangled in my bike and I was crushed underneath. This time I didn't laugh, I just sat up in the ditch and wondered what the hell happened.

The recovery was a little longer on this one. So far it's lasted about 3 days! I rode about another mile downhill while totally freaking out. I called for SAG to cart me back to the starting point. I'd had enough! Take me home now.....


update on my liver

Not really drying out. At least not completely. Just kind of rolling drinking into 1 or maybe 2 nites per week, so far.

Friday after making statement about not drinking.....drunk again.

Next friday....same thing, only worse. Drinking for 7 hours straight and not being in Las Vegas. Not good.

Next Tuesday. Three martinis with dinner.

Hi, my name is Hpellet, I am an alcoholic. Welcome to my world.

no excuses now

Well, after riding solidly in the B Group on our last team ride, I am ready to give up the ghost. I was chatting with our coach while grinding up another hill. I told him I thought I was ready to graduate to "clipless pedals" He said, and I quote, "I used every excuse I had, then I got an all carbon bike. No excuses now, I just have to ride faster"

Oh shit. I was thinking I would be more efficient and maybe even a little faster with the addition of clipless pedals. You know, my coach somehow just managed to sound exactly like my sales director. Just ride faster. Come out and win or don't come out at all. Git er done. Or really, anything else like those quick, quippy comments. Shit. I'm accountable. Really. 80th percentile don't get it done. Even 90th percentile. Fuck it, I'm screwed. I just need to get out and fucking do it.

Nike says (or said) Just do it. Fuck me. I'll just do it.
Bike Riding(Lance) Golf(Tiger Woods) Baseball (Mets, Yankees, Detroit)

God help us all.