the results are in....

left to right, "bad knee", normal knee

Notice the slight scarring on the right knee. Now I have a matched set! Results not typical, 12oo calorie daily diet and moderate exercise must be incorporated to see similar results.
  • Liberal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, 75 cents
  • One quarter tube polysporin, $1.25
  • One container Nuprin medicated pain patches, $6.69
Two trips to the chiropractor: Priceless!

It's all good now. I even swept out the cobwebs and spooks last night with a ten mile ride. And I did a big old hill. Gotta get right back in the saddle or you never will!

(this is nothing compared to Big Jonny from on drunk cyclist, I am just a dumb ass. http://www.drunkcyclist.com see post on August 7 and August 9th 2006 for the details.
Makes me sound like a real whiner....)


John said...


Uncle Crappy said...

Um, holy crap!

kewyson said...

Good job! Even better that you got back in the saddle - I hate road rash, especially how it oozzes.
Speaking of whining - I dislocated my left hand pinky playing volleyball at a company picnic - dove for a save, missed, then noticed that my finger was about 50 degrees out of alignment from the second knuckle - I kept in the game, even played some ultimate frisbee and bocci ball - the pain came later.
Good luck in your rehab