My favorite

It's still summer because I have 3 pairs of flip flops in the kitchen.

It's still summer because I can hear the cicadas whirring outside.

It's still summer because the air conditioning is running.

It's still summer because the huge fan is in the living room.

It's still summer because the kids can go to the city pool.

It's still summer because school starts on Wednesday, not today.

It's still summer because it's not my birthday, yet.

It's still summer because I can go outside in my bare feet.
And it will be summer until I have to put on winter boots.


August already?

After my Blackberry went through the washing machine in February, I had to make a few decisions. I had two cell phone contracts. One with Verizon and one with AT&T.
I know, I know. That's one too many.

The second contract with Verizon was for a business cell. I hadn't been with that "business" since December. The contract had 22 months left on it but I was compelled to cancel. I'd had the same cell number since 2001 so that phone number and contract won out. And later on, when the AT&T contract renewed, I could get an iPhone. If I really wanted one.

Initially I was torn. I'd been a Blackberry gal forever. Forever.

Now I can't believe there was even a question.

I went to the Apple Store yesterday and bought an iPhone.

I'm so excited to have a phone that did not come over on the Mayflower. I'm excited to have my contacts in one place. I'm even more excited to have a calendar and "to do" list somewhere other than on paper.

Pardon me, I've got to go. I have a huge hole of online data I need to fill. I'll see you sometime next week.