So far, my blog has been prettty lame. I will do my best to hit it once a week. Especially considering I am absolutely obsessed with Uncle Crappy, I could post my own stuff, you'd think.
(back to previous post, I have never been good at keeping any kind of a journal)

TNT update...we're taking at least a week off training. I got the Boop's righteous cold and my head and right butt cheek are literally FULL of antibiotics. I reallly miss going on rides. I am pretty sure I'm addicted!
Just in case you're counting, we both have raised about $2000 each of the total $3400 we need to raise for the ride. A little over half way there, not bad. It's really like having a second job...

Training at least 10 hours a week and working on fundraising, too. Oh, it is like a 2nd job, a part time job but a really cool 2nd job!