Working for the Man, again

Apparently, many people in the Greater Cleveland area started new jobs this past monday. Me too! Even though I now have a home office, and my boss resides two states and one time zone away and I can plan my own day, I still apparently have to work. At least a little bit. Oh yeah, even though I am excited about my new job and learning new things, it's still a brand new job. That means its all new, new politics, new people, new lingo and yikes, new responsibilities. I tend to work pretty hard at a job, new or not. I take pride in "a job well done" mostly for the sake of doing a good job. I also find that I need to be a "good girl" I want to be the "go to" girl. I want my boss to like me, I want my coworkers to like me, confide in me and ask advice of me.

You know, "I'm a good person and godammit, people like me"

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