Me 'n My Uncle

Anticipating the snowfall this friday, or more likely the slushfall, I am pining away to live in Arizona. We just arrived home and I am ready for it to be unbearably shitty, grey and winterlike in Cleveland. Yep, ready for winter to start now and be like a thorn in my side until at least the end of March. Then I expect a huge, freak blizzard in April.

We really loved Tucson. It is a little bit more manageable than the sprawling metropolis of Phoenix. I also like the food better. I even like the route we took on the ride. Luckily I am not stupid enough to ever try to do that ride in its entirety until another Tour de Tucson.

****As a side note, I started this post at the end of November. It's now December 17th. We have had a few inches of snow and one blizzard since then. This is an acceptable amount of snow. But I am still pining away. sniff, sniff, snurff. I love Arizona.

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