7 Random Things About My Work History

Jill's recent post about work inspired me today. So, here goes.

1. My first job was as a lifeguard for the Boy Scouts. I was 15 and fresh out of my Advanced Life Saving class. We had to lifeguard while Boy Scouts took classes to get their swimming and canoeing badges. It was also my first experience working for cash. That's right, 15 years old and getting cash under the table.

2. My first summer job was lifeguarding at a local athletic/raquet club. I showed up for the orientation meeting drunk. I was 17 and had just graduated from high school the day before...I had been up all night and I was still drunk. I got away with it, no one caught on that I was wasted.

3. In college I always wanted to work on a home construction crew. Grandma wouldn't let me. Maybe girls don't "do those kinds of jobs". She would never explain why.

4. Job I never returned to: Siding and window sales. I didn't go back for day 2. It had been billed as a job selling "home construction" projects.

5. Job I never should have returned to: A local temp agency selling "temps". It was a churn and burn telemarketing job. And the corporate trainer was a lecherous weirdo. I have great stories though

6. Always wanted to be: Chrissy Hynde

7. Another job I'd love to have: pilot

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