Wow! It's been more than a few days and I probably have some 'splainin to do. DD and I had some wicked kind of bug. Some flu thing, I reckon. I slept about 15 hours on monday and about 18 hours yesterday. Now, I know I can sleep alot but that is ridiculous! Really, even for me!

Pending any significant change in the overall temperature, the trainer is still set up in the living room. To my blogger friend, Jill, I know I am a wimp. I'm looking for 40 degrees or above with little or no precipitation. That's what you get when you're a suburban biker! Well, let me rethink that....Our fundraising ride isn't until November so I'm not keen on riding in cold, wet weather just yet. Still a wimp, huh? Yes, my lady, I believe so.

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